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Concierge Pilates offers sessions in your Home, at your Office and Hotel.  We offer Private sessions, Duets and Classes.  Our booking system is simple.  Pick a time and a location and a certified instructor will be there to guide you.  Corporate packages are available for clients and employees. Hotel partnerships offer both business and leisure travelers the opportunity to do Pilates at their hotel.

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Can't make it to a studio?  A certified instructor will come to your home.


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Traveling?  A certified instructor will meet you at your hotel gym or room (pending hotel policy)


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Busy work week?  Want to treat your team?  Our certified instructors make office visits.


Business Traveler

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I traveled 50% of the time for business.  I felt best when I was able to get a daily work out.  Pilates helps me keep my routine in check.

-Cara (founder, Concierge Pilates)


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Not a fan of the gym or group classes?  New parent?  Silver Fox?  Just some of the reasons why we should come to you in the comfort of your own home.


home new pilates privacy transition classes

Have you tried a class and felt completely lost or overwhelmed? We can teach you the basics to transition to group classes.

Red Carpet Ready

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We understand the need for privacy.   We are happy to sign a NDA.  

Transitional Body

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Are you pregnant?  Recovering from an injury?  We have instructors that have specialty training and experience.  

Employees and Clients

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Providing employees with a perk like Pilates is nothing short of brilliant!  Pilates provides focus, structure and mind body connections.  Expense accounts accepted to those who want to treat their clients to a personalized experience.

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